Listener (Late Registration)


Listener Virtual Registration Package


The listener registration category is for non presenting participants who would like to attend the organized scientific event. The listener participants not only gets the opportunity to listen to the keynote speeches, and other insights shared by the top speakers, but also will get the opportunity of sharing their own ideas and insights at all conference sessions. In addition, the listeners will be exposed to several networking opportunities with both the corporate and academic figures.


Why you should participate as a listener ?

  • Meet world recognized speakers in the field
  • Network with field Specialists, share your knowledge and be recognized
  • Develop your career path
  • Improve your presentation and communication skills
  • Listen to the best quality researches
  • Be a part of the IEECP conference
  • Interact with international Professionals in relevant field
  • Get a signed certificate of participation which acknowledges your contribution
  • Benefit from registration discounts on eventual accepted submitted paper
  • To be included in the conference proceedings series as a recognized international listener participant
  • Get an electronic copy of the conference proceedings
  • Participation in all sessions
  • Participation in all speaker talks

Selected Registration Package

Listener Registration Package